Business Wallet

Check balance of your InstantPay Business Wallet.

Header Parameters

NameTypeDescriptionMandatory (M) , Optional (O)Provided by INSTANTPAY (Y/N)
X-Ipay-Auth-CodeStringAuth Code -1 (Fixed)MY
X-Ipay-Client-IdStringUnique Client IDMY
X-Ipay-Client-SecretStringUnique secret keyMY
X-Ipay-Endpoint-IpStringEnd Customer IP AddressMN


Info :

Click Here to know how to get the Credentials.

Request Parameters

ParametersTypeMandatory (M) , Optional(O)Description
bankProfileIdStringM0 (Fixed)
accountNumberStringMInstantpay Registered Mobile Number
externalRefStringMUnique Reference number
latitudeStringMCurrent location latitude
longitudeStringMCurrent location longitude

Sample Request

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'X-Ipay-Auth-Code: {{authCode}}' \
--header 'X-Ipay-Client-Id: {{clientId}}' \
--header 'X-Ipay-Client-Secret: {{clientSecret}}' \
--header 'X-Ipay-Endpoint-Ip: {{endPointIP}}' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
   "bankProfileId": "0",
   "accountNumber": "7428585742",
   "externalRef": "PROD1",
   "latitude": "20.1236",
   "longitude": "78.3228"
POST /accounts/balance HTTP/1.1
X-Ipay-Auth-Code: {{authCode}}
X-Ipay-Client-Id: {{clientId}}
X-Ipay-Client-Secret: {{clientSecret}}
X-Ipay-Endpoint-Ip: {{endPointIP}}
Content-Type: application/json

   "bankProfileId": "0",
   "accountNumber": "7428585742",
   "externalRef": "PROD1",
   "latitude": "20.1236",
   "longitude": "78.3228"

Response Parameters

statuscodeStringInstantPay Status Code
actcodeStringAction Code
statusStringStatus Message
dataArrayResponse Data (If Present)
timestampStringCurrent time (YYYY-MM-DD HH:II:SS)
ipay_uuidStringRequest reference number
orderidStringTransaction Id ( If transaction otherwise it is null )

Sample Response

    "statuscode": "TXN",
    "actcode": null,
    "status": "Transaction Successful",
    "data": {
        "bankId": "0",
        "bankProfileId": 0,
        "accountNumber": "7428585742",
        "accountShortNumber": "5742",
        "balance": {
            "total": "16.82",
            "lien": "0.00",
            "available": "16.82"
        "poolReferenceId": "",
        "pool": {
            "account": "7428585742",
            "openingBal": "16.82",
            "mode": "DR",
            "amount": "0.00",
            "closingBal": "16.82"
    "timestamp": "2022-03-21 10:20:36",
    "ipay_uuid": "h00695deb945-3def-42ba-8857-2ff7bac93fe6",
    "orderid": null,
    "environment": "LIVE",
    "internalCode": null



Note :

1 - Latitude and Longitude must be represented in degrees with 4 digits after decimal.

2- externalRef must be unique and in alpha numeric characters.

3- Call this API once an hour to sync the data in your application.

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