PAN Verification

Instantpay's PAN Verification API solution provides businesses with a robust solution for authenticating PAN details swiftly and accurately. Seamlessly integrate this powerful solution into your systems to verify Permanent Account Numbers, ensuring meticulous compliance with regulatory standards. Along with ascertaining PAN details, it also provides essential additional information such as the last modified date, name on the card, and Aadhaar's seeding status. Stay ahead of the curve and prioritise precision in identity verification with Instantpay—your trusted partner in creating seamless experience for your business.

Header Parameters

NameTypeDescriptionMandatory (M) , Optional (O)Provided by INSTANTPAY (Y/N)
X-Ipay-Auth-CodeStringAuth Code -1 (Fixed)MY
X-Ipay-Client-IdStringUnique Client IDMY
X-Ipay-Client-SecretStringUnique secret keyMY
X-Ipay-Endpoint-IpStringEnd Customer IP AddressMN

Request Parameters

Following are the parameters to be sent in the request body:

ParametersTypeMandatory (M) , Optional (O)Description
panStringMPAN number of End User
latitudeStringMEnd customer Latitude.
longitudeStringMEnd Customer Longitude.
externalRefStringMYour Unique Transaction id
nameOnCardStringMFull name as in PAN
dateOfBirthStringMDate of Birth in YYYY-MM-DD format

Sample Request

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'X-Ipay-Auth-Code: {{authCode}}' \
--header 'X-Ipay-Client-Id: {{clientId}}' \
--header 'X-Ipay-Client-Secret: {{clientSecret}}' \
--header 'X-Ipay-Endpoint-Ip: {{endPointIP}}' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
    "pan": "AAOCS6028B",
    "nameOnCard": "Sample Name",
    "dateOfBirth": "1998-09-08",
    "externalRef": "12345",
    "latitude": "23.0000",
    "longitude": "45.0000"   
POST /identity/verifyPan HTTP/1.1
X-Ipay-Auth-Code: {{authCode}}
X-Ipay-Client-Id: {{clientId}}
X-Ipay-Client-Secret: {{clientSecret}}
X-Ipay-Endpoint-Ip: {{endPointIP}}
Content-Type: application/json

    "pan": "AAOCS6028B",
    "nameOnCard": "TEST",
    "dateOfBirth": "1998-09-08",
    "externalRef": "12345",
    "latitude": "23.0000",
    "longitude": "45.0000"

Response Parameters

statuscodestringInstantPay Status Code
actcodestringAction Code
statusstringStatus message
dataarrayResponse Data (If Present)
timestampstringCurrent time (YYYY-MM-DD HH:II:SS)
ipay_uuidstringRequest reference number
orderidstringTransaction Id ( If transaction otherwise it is null )

Sample Response

    "statuscode": "TXN",
    "actcode": null,
    "status": "Transaction Successful",
    "data": {
        "pool": {
            "referenceId": "1240124175139PWPEJ",
            "openingBalance": "164352.13",
            "paymentAmount": "0.35",
            "mode": "DR",
            "closingBalance": "164351.78"
        "panDetails": {
            "name": {
                "first": "Sample",
                "middle": "",
                "last": "Name",
                "full": "Sample Name"
            "nameOnCard": "Sample Name",
            "status": "VALID",
            "panNumber": "XXXXXXX11E",
            "gender": null,
            "aadhaarSeeding": 1,
            "lastModified": "",
            "dob": "2020-01-01",
            "constitution": "Individual",
            "nameVerified": false,
            "cardNameVerified": true,
            "dateOfBirthVerified": false
    "timestamp": "2024-01-24 17:51:39",
    "ipay_uuid": "h0009b2b35e2-e911-4aa2-840d-497d4dcdc928-tLHuJ8cRaYnJ",
    "orderid": "1240124175139PWPEJ",
    "environment": "SANDBOX",
    "internalCode": null
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