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Header Parameters

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Request Parameters

Parameter KeyRequirementDescription
otpReferenceID MandatorySame as received in
eKYC API response
hash MandatorySame as received in
eKYC API response
otp MandatoryOTP received on Mobile Number

Sample Request

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'X-Ipay-Auth-Code: {{authCode}}' \
--header 'X-Ipay-Client-Id: {{clientId}}' \
--header 'X-Ipay-Client-Secret: {{clientSecret}}' \
--header 'X-Ipay-Endpoint-Ip: {{endPointIP}}' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
    "otpReferenceID": "ZjA5YmZmOhiue2hd923hn2993VhNDEz",
    "otp": "711232",
    "hash": "5GuAqAiFN9xMs24fRNlUpFcHDHND9831DBbNNUJINsFsoiZo6JCEIVXnjZTp4l4"
POST /user/outlet/signup/validate HTTP/1.1
X-Ipay-Auth-Code: {{authCode}}
X-Ipay-Client-Id: {{clientId}}
X-Ipay-Client-Secret: {{clientSecret}}
X-Ipay-Endpoint-Ip: {{endPointIP}}
Content-Type: application/json

    "otpReferenceID": "ZjA5YmZmOhiue2hd923hn2993VhNDEz",
    "otp": "711232",
    "hash": "5GuAqAiFN9xMs24fRNlUpFcHDHND9831DBbNNUJINsFsoiZo6JCEIVXnjZTp4l4"

Response Parameters

Parameter KeyTypeDescription
statuscodeStringInstantPay Status Code
actcodeStringAction Code
statusStringStatus message
dataStringResponse Data (If Present)

Sample Response

    "statuscode": "TXN",
    "actcode": null,
    "status": "Transaction Successful",
    "data": {
        "outletId": 185133,
        "name": "Sample Name",
        "dateOfBirth": "01-01-1999",
        "gender": "M",
        "pincode": "110044",
        "state": "State Name",
        "districtName": "District Name",
        "address": "Full Address",
        "profilePic": "/a7be82f82ub82uh2892uhdb82b82by28282f947fbfbbfbhdsks"
    "timestamp": "2022-05-12 17:37:28",
    "ipay_uuid": "h006-e3bd-4f83-a8bd-7e08dfddb672-5c8b180",
    "orderid": "1230424130343AXKFA",
    "environment": "LIVE",
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