The Instantpay Remittance Domestic API allows partners to offer money transfer services to their consumers by providing a set of instructions for sending funds between bank accounts. It is connected with several banks, allowing for easy transactions between accounts.

Remittance(Domestic) Flow -

  1. First, you need to onboard your merchants using the Merchant Onboard API.
  2. Then check whether the Remitter is registered or not using the Remitter Profile API.
  3. If the Remitter is already registered then you will be getting all the details of Remitter and all the registered beneficiary and if the Remitter is not registered then create the remitter with Remitter registration API.
  4. After you succssfully entered the Remitter details then Validate the Remitter using the OTP Validation API.
  5. After the Remitter is successfully validated and registerd successfully then add the beneficiary with Beneficiary registration API.
  6. If the merchant want to delete the registered beneficiary then they cab delete using the beneficiary deletion API.
  7. Once the beneficary is added then proceed with Fund Transfer API to transfer the fund. You can initiate the transactions using IMPS or NEFT mode.
  8. After the fund transfer if the transaction is pending then you can check the status of transaction using the Transaction status API or you will be receiving the callback webhook if configured.