How can I get the Credentials for the APIs?

To get the credentials for the APIs follow the below steps:

Step-1 : Login to Instantpay Portal

Step-2 : Then Click on Developer APIs

Step-3 : On the page click on Credentials for Client Id and Client Secret

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Sample for Aadhaar Encryption

        $ivlen = openssl_cipher_iv_length('aes-256-cbc');
        $iv = openssl_random_pseudo_bytes($ivlen);
        $ciphertext = openssl_encrypt($aadhaarNumber,'aes-256-cbc', $encryptionKey, OPENSSL_RAW_DATA, $iv);
        $encryptedData = base64_encode($iv . $ciphertext);
				echo $encryptedData



1- Client Secret will be different for Sandbox and Production. You need to create a Client secret separately
for both the environment.

2- Client Secret will be unique every time you create. So save it at your end and If you create the new
Client secret the existing client secret will stop authenticating.

3- Encryption key is required in Aadhaar aes-256-cbc Encryption in Outlet Registration eKYC API.