Activate / Add a Card

Activate / Add a physical card to the prepaid account


Header Parameters

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Request Parameters

NameTypeMandatory (M) , Optional (O)Description
mobileStringOCustomer mobile number
kitNumberStringMPhysical card kit number
shortCardNumberStringMShort card number

Sample Request

curl --location '' \
--header 'X-Ipay-Auth-Code: 1' \
--header 'X-Ipay-Client-Id: YWY3OTAzYzNlM2ExZTJlOX923SyPZlQWg5sCmZbpfcw=' \
--header 'X-Ipay-Client-Secret: 83c57e26f37c241cd91618dc207169444c7ee2ba9e583d008ec436351edd86cd' \
--header 'X-Ipay-Endpoint-Ip:' \
--header 'X-Ipay-Request-Hash: 123456789|123456789|123456789|123456789|123456789|123456789|1234' \
--header 'X-Ipay-Request-Timestamp: 1631081674077' \
--header 'X-Ipay-Hash-Check: OFF' \
--header 'User-Agent: InstantPayAPITest/1.0.0' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data {
		"mobile": "7428585742",
    "kitNumber": "1711012345",
    "shortCardNumber": "1234"
POST /cards/prepaid/activatePhysicalCard HTTP/1.1
X-Ipay-Auth-Code: {{authCode}}
X-Ipay-Client-Id: {{clientId}}
X-Ipay-Client-Secret: {{clientSecret}}
X-Ipay-Endpoint-Ip: {{endPointIP}}
Content-Type: application/json

		"mobile": "7428585742",
    "kitNumber": "1711012345",
    "shortCardNumber": "1234"


Response Parameters

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Sample Response

   "statuscode": "TXN",
   "actcode": null,
   "status": "Transaction Successful",
   "data": null,
   "timestamp": "2023-04-24 21:56:20",
   "ipay_uuid": "h0059be29cf0-9bc1-49ed-86bd-36ca6d0f6ed9-LmzZmBCOb7tc",
   "orderid": "1230424215619QEDEL",
   "environment": "LIVE",
   "internalCode": null



Note :

1- Cooling period of 1 hour for ATM withdrawals after the card is active

2- Cooling period of 24 hours for allowing Fund transfer after the loading is done on the card


Action Code Details

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