Virtual Accounts

Collect money from your customers and vendors using Virtual Bank Account Numbers with real-time settlement into your bank account. Supported modes are IMPS, NEFT & RTGS. Highly suitable for large value collections.

Configure a Webhook from to receive payment notifications.

Process of Webhooks:-

Please configure webhooks for the same from

Please create a URL at your end on which we hit a GET request with some parameters.

Parameters are:-

&ipay_id='.$cb_ipay_id.'&agent _id=your_ref_id&opr_id=value&s tatus=SUCCESS&res_code=TXN&res _msg=

You will get the final status of the transactions through the call back. Incase of pending transactions you will get the final status of that transaction when the status will change to REFUND or SUCCESS.

Enable logs on that URL
Once you click update, You will get a hit where you will find parameter ipayid
Find that value and paste it in input on instantPay portal to verify

In case of any doubt, Please mention the exact step where you are facing problem


Note :

For Callback Webhook Documents Click Here